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After 25 years in business and consultancy, I became a coach to help others reach their greatest potential. 

In my business life, I've led and line-managed teams, interviewed and hired, appointed contractors, headed up marketing and business development initiatives, and been responsible for client accounts.  

I have also started new businesses ... some succeeded and others, shall we say, provided me with great learnings.

There have also been lots of opportunities for growth in other aspects of my life too - although, in the moment, I may not have seen them as such!  And as time passes I am finding that, instead of resisting being uncomfortable, I actually appreciate it, knowing now that digging deep means I’m moving forward.  

And of course there are my own coaches who, together with the personal development books and motivational podcasts, have accompanied me on my journey - and I bring all that learning and inspiration into my coaching. 

I am an accredited transformational coach, having trained with the Animas Centre for Coaching

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