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This is what it's about ...


I am driven by three principles - CTC ... FFG ... HSF - and I find my clients feel the same

Committed To Change

It’s all about change … moving forward … towards your best self.  If you know your life's purpose, then we will work towards turning it into reality.  If you don't (yet) know what it's all about, then we will dig deep to work out what it is and then find a path to achieve it.

Or there may be specific issues that you would like to address: perhaps something holding you back, or you have a clear goal and need to unlock the strategy to hit it.

Force For Good

There are a lot of reasons why we want tomorrow to be better than today, next year to be better than this, and not just for us... for those we love, for those we support and those that support us, for our community, for the environment...  

Whilst coaching is profoundly private, the effects of the coaching can spread further, to one other person, to our family, our colleagues, our company, our industry, our community and beyond.

Have Some Fun

There will inevitably be challenges when we are looking into deep issues and holding ourselves accountable.  However, its important that during this process we don't take ourselves too seriously and so I will always make sure that there will be humour too - light energy is fluid energy which will make sure we get there quicker!  

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